What is Cryotherapy?

Whole body Cryotherapy is a non-invasive therapy that triggers the body’s natural fight or flight response to accelerate recovery and decrease inflammation throughout the body. After just 2-3 minutes of exposure to the extreme cold, you will notice a boost in energy, relief of muscle or joint pain, and many other positive benefits.

Cold exposure causes the blood vessels to constrict, then dilate, which produces more oxygenated blood and increases your body‘s strength, stamina, and ability to heal itself naturally.

What are the Benefits?

Improves Oxygen Utilization (Happy Endorphin Release)

Detoxification | Immune System Cleanse

Anti-Inflammatory | Pain Management | Stress Management

Internal Organ Reboot | Blood Circulation

Accelerates Muscle & Tissue Repair

Improves Mental Clarity & Alertness | Migraine Relief

Balances Hormones | Hot Flash & Menopausal Relief

Improves Sleep | Relieves Depression | Boosts Libido

Improves Collagen | Tightens Skin | Improves Cellulite

Common Questions for Real Deal Cryotherapy

What Should I Bring / Wear?

For men, we’d recommend shorts/boxers. Gloves, socks, masks, ear muffs, and a robe will be provided by our facility.

For women, we’d recommend a sports bra and underwear/shorts. The more skin that’s visible, the more effective the cryotherapy will be.

We just want our clients to feel comfortable. Before starting your session, you must be free of lotions, open wounds, and jewelry below the neck should be taken off.

Body jewelry can be covered, so please let your technician know ahead of time.

What Should I Expect During?

Cryotherapy is not painful at all. Unlike ice baths which have extremely cold water encapsulating your entire body, Cryotherapy is simply cold air.

Cryotherapy gets as cold as -220 degrees which can cause some discomfort, but would not be classified as painful.

What Should I Feel After?

After only one session of Cryotherapy at Real Deal Wellness, you should expect to feel rejuvenated and refreshed with endorphins kicking in.

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